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    I am so sick of gambling it has caused so many problems in my life.
    For the last 2 years I have lost so much money as I have become a compulsive gambler.
    At the time of giving the money to the bookmaker I am happy with no remorse etc.
    I’m happy all the way up to the end result which most of the time is a loss.
    I then go home and look deeply depressed about what had happened.
    My parents then start to question me about what had happen today which makes the situation even worse as they then get mad at you to the point of almost being kicked out of home…
    There has been so many lies that have been said to my parents over the years which I have been disgusted with as I am too scared to tell them to complete truth about what had happened. They eventually find out then the trust is lost then I am back at square one again..
    So you can see how stressful gambling has made my life.
    When playing I love it but when I lose it’s almost the end of the world..
    Feel like I am going to be homeless before I know it as I just can’t control the urges….

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