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      This is very emotional for me. I was so against gambling because my husband has been gambling for seventeen years and he is not planning on quitting. I’ve threaten him numerous time with leaving but he knows I won’t leave. We relocated and my husband stayed behind for about six months to finalize the selling of the house, business and so forth. Well, when I started hanging out with my family, most of them gamble, bingo, slots, table, lotto’s and scratch and win. My sister would always try to show me how and I kept saying no. Then she would pick me up to go shopping and she would stop at the slot machine either at the restaurants, casinos, or anywhere there would have slots. So, I started playing a little at a time sometime I would win or lose, but was not putting much in. Well to make a long story short, I started betting more winning big and also lose big.  My husband and I started gambling together and now I know why he can’t stop it so addicted. The music, the excitement, the win!!!! We could spend anywhere from $100 to $1500 in one night. Believing in luck, reading horoscope, lucky numbers, blah blah blah!!! We are both working and spend way more than what we make. Now, I am very depressed, so much in debt and struggling with Credit Company. My children don’t know I gamble this much and I am so frustrated and ashamed of this. I want to get my live back on track, but don’t know where to turn and I live in a small community where everyone gossips. So, I am limited in where I could turn, and this is why I join on-line help. I do not want to do this anymore and don’t know how to stop. Plus I do not want to reveal my identity.
      Please Help!!!!

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