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    Snap your CHIP & Pin NOW!

    If in doubt immediately snap the chip in all your cash cards. This way you can only withdraw cash from a counter during office hours. For me this really helped break my cycle.

    I bent the card by the chip until i heard a crack, without snapping the whole card. Now it will swipe but i can’t withdraw cash in a machine, it just says error. I declined the offer of a new card from cashier, stating i needed to control my spending.

    I lost the most when I would repeatedly make ccash withdrawls. Now I’m way more limited. Though I did still once stupidly withdraw everything.

    If in doubt give all ID and cashcards, savings books to friends.

    So what if you go without cash for a day, get stranded, have to borrow money, have to transfer to a friend etc. That’s a small price to pay to save all your money 🙂

    obviously this only works if your problem is only around cash gambling and you don’t steal/borrow etc. if you do then you need way strickter measures – get creative.


    Good suggestion Energised. I hope to read your own story in the My Journal Forum. You can get a lot of feedback and support there.


    I would agree that for me atleast getting rid of my bank card helped but not at first.

    I soon found a way of using a certain e voucher service which is utterly evil if you’re ine of many trying to cut ties to having access to depositing online.

    But having said that, it has indeed made it difficult to deposit without card details as I sat down and explained my situation to the bank store manager.
    Tbh utterly clueless which came to a surprise to me.

    Self exclusion is last resort for many gambler in their moment of clarity/desperation to give up and all the times iirc, I have specifically asked for maximum term of five years to permanent exclusion.

    Now the battle is on with those bloody draining scratchcards.
    Filthy habit (scratch dust).

    Onwards and upwards.

    All the best folks 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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