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      The forum is going through a quiet period, which has occasionally happened over the years. Sadly it does not signify a lessening in the need for those living with someone with the addiction to gamble to understand, cope and possibly make life-changing decisions, to seek help.

      The forum itself has become a terrific reference book for those of you who are seeking advice, wanting to be heard by a non-judgemental ear and/or needing to share with someone who understands, whilst possibly not wanting to make yourselves known. Shame is painful and debilitating – but with the addiction to gamble, it is also unnecessary.

      Compulsive gamblers do not want to be gamblers who cannot walk away; they would like to gamble responsibly, for fun, without any soul destroying addiction grabbing them and wrecking their lives and the lives of those around them.

      Over the years, I have found that those who love a gambler but hate the addiction, benefit from sharing their personal experiences on this forum, in the private F&F group and/or GA. If you are seeking help but feel uncomfortable, or disloyal in seeking it, then I beg you to accept what is on offer on this site. You will be anonymous and your loved one will remain anonymous too.

      If you are no happier after spending time in the F&F group then please speak to our Helpline which is open to all associated with this addiction.

      On Tuesdays and Thursdays, 19.00 -20.00 hours, I welcome all who would like support with living with problem gamblers. I know, from over 40 years’ experience, that unique support is a major step towards a healthy, happy gamble-free life and it can seldom be found in reference books.


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