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      Something has happened today …….
      Something has happened
      for me it came as a shock
      It felt like my whole body
      had taken a major knock
      Deep inside of me I knew
      what had happened was s**t
      I asked myself if I had
      the strength to cope with it?
      Normally to cope
      I would go and gamble
      As a way to escape
      from things I can’t handle
      Running away and
      placing that first bet
      Would help me to cope
      but I know I’d have regret
      I know that I am in recovery
      and I am now a lot stronger
      I know without gambling
      my life is so much better
      But what happened today
      I didn’t at all expect
      I know in my mind
      there’s 2 choices I can select
      I can go and gamble
      to helpwith the **** of today
      Or I can face the issue
      and cope in a gamble free way
      I’ve learnt to talk about it now
      which helps me to get through
      And choosing to not go and gamble
      I’ve decided not to go and do
      I can’t change what’s happened
      but I can try to cope with it within
      I try to accept it because
      gambling I don’t want to begin
      But for me it is so feking hard
      because I feel I’ve lost something
      That has given me a lot of support
      to help me cope with my gambling
      I could use what’s happened today
      as an excuse to return for a bet
      But instead thankfully the issue
      I have faced head on and met
       (not recent poem)
        — 08/10/2012 08:27:59: post edited by harry.

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