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    After we hit the rock bottom from gambling loss, we all may experience different stages of mind psychologically. Most of us were confused and really don’t know how to deal with ourselves.
    Understanding a little psychology will definitely help us going thru this awful stage. According to the psychology today, there are 5 stages of emotion stages for people going thru any crises.  And they are 1. Denial 2. Angry 3. Bargaining 4. Depress 5. Acceptance.
    In our case, we can explain our emotion stage as followings:
    1. Denial – I can’t believe I lost all my money, I can’t believe my wife/husband left me, I can’t believe that I lost my job….due to gambling.
    2. Angry – I am so angry with myself, I want to kill myself, I don’t want to live anymore, I hate myself… due to gambling
    3. Bargaining – seeking ways to avoid having the bad thing happen. If I don’t carry any credit card or ATM card maybe I can control my gambling, If I have a friend to go with me to the casino, I will do better….I can still gambling, I just have to limit myself.
    4. Depress – What am I going to do with all the debts I owe? I am so sick of the money I lost last payday, now I have nothing to live. I just starve myself; it’s a punishment for me. I can’t go gambling anymore, then what do I do for the rest of my life?….
    5. Acceptance – "Ok, life goes on I am definitely going to quit gambling this time"or "Everything will be OK, I had learnt my lesson, I will be more careful on gambling."; " If I can win big just one time, I will quit for good"….
    Just when you are confused and don’t know what to do with yourself, make sure you Google the psychology site and understand what your mind are going thru and also don’t forget to let your family and friend knows what stage you are in so people know how to deal with you.
    Also these 5 stages do not come in exact order, sometimes you will esperience stage 1 and stage repeatedly before you enter the next stage. And also it may fall back to the previous stage every now and then.  There is no way to predict how long this whole process will stay with you, it all depends on how each individual deal with it differently.
    PS. I am not a psychologist, this is just a little lesson I had learnt from schooldays. Hope this helps.

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