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      I slipped 10/5/2011
      I was advised to start posting on the forum so here I am…
      My barriers are quite strong at the moment I have no access to money (I only steal money from the missus every now and again or I gamble my small daily allowance)
      I been going through a bit of a stress full time and looking back the last few of months and I had gambled quite few times  small sums of money here and there.
      So it time to stop, otherwise it will be like old days….and the problem can escalate very fast. from experience…
      so I would like to say hello to everybody…
      I am going to start my recovery again.

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      Hey Moe, just wanted to say thanks for your support.  Good for you on the self-ban.  I know it took a lot of courage on your part.  Hang in there Moe and keep up the good work. Live for today.  Hope for tomorrow.

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      Well done Moe
      All the steps you take now will help you in the future… good on you, see you round soon
       P – Living and Learning

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      ***** thank you for the kind words of support,
      I am still GF.
      Now after the ban the missus has given me her card to go do a small shopping trip… doesn’t need to worry….(even me i dont need to worry 🙂
      I am banned from everywhere near us and there are not any lottery/scratch card vendors nearby.
      so I feel relived in many ways it much easier because if I get any urges   … there is just no place that I can go to act on that though… so help combat the urges… so for all you who thinking about self exclusion  I personally would highly recommend it.
      So ok I have had a few urges since my last post…but I have tackled them fairly quickly…
      Somewhere relate to some of my Facebook apps which have gambling (free not for real)
      I had a chat and it was best to delete so I delete a few apps from my Facebook account…well actually you have to block them.
      This time I am not doing anything to do with "gambling" ….related to gambling any shapes or form…
      so today I am probably going to go and do a bit of swimming…relaxing sunday.
      This evening I will get some work done. My sister has just left back after her visit she had a good time.
      I am still feeling very positive… I am glad I am back to GT.
      Thank you all for your support
      Take care all

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      Great work Moe,
      I was so pleased to hear of your banning, your accountability to your wife and removing those ghastly apps on facebook.  You are doing everything to ensure your recovery goes as smoothly as it can, barriers are so brilliant sometimes!!!!
      Keep it up Moe, you should be **** proud of yourself.
      Love Kathryn xxxTo live, that would be a great adventure – Peter Pan

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