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      A good friend prompted me to write in my journal so here I go. I still get urges and have gambling dreams but they are not as frequent or bad. Have not bought any lottery tickets in a long long while, it feels good to say that. Still call my sponsor I have at least twice a month if not more. She has helped me lot along the way with the urges. She has strong recovery and makes me think. also to help me make the right choices. Also, attended group today and got my weekly dose of reminders why i need to stay gamble free. I do not ever want to be in the place i was in all those years ago when i first stopped gambling. I was so low that I am lucky to be here at all. So thanks again my friend for prompting me to write in my journal. hearing how strong you are doing is helping me stay strong.

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      Hi slotjunkie,

      Welcome to the forum and thansk for sharing your story. I look forward to following your progress on here.

      Really glad to hear that you haven’t bought any lottery tickets in a long while, and are finding attending groups useful, if you have any useful advice/tips/steps that you have found particularly helpful for staying gamble-free, the community here would love to hear them.

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      Well done on your gambel free time SJ. Keep posting

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