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      Hi my name is Darcy and i am a compulsive gambler i have not placed a bet since September 5 2010.  I am still trying to over come my addictions to vlts or slot machines i have been doing OK but i have to remember that i am a compulsive gambler and that i don’t have control. I have done a lot thing to put as many barriers between me and the vlts things like cutting of access to my bank card so can not take money out, also not carrying cash on me which has been a struggle because i was used to caring large sums off cash. I am almost always getting to at least one ga meeting a week.  I have had a couple of slips but i am trying to be as honest about the fact that i can not gamble responsible. So with i feel that if i turn my life over to god and follow the step i should be able to make the 90 day mark. So here hoping. thanks for listen to me this does help me a lot. 

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