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      michael c

      hi all.i would like to mention as im sure some are you aware who have followed my journey.i have recently just passed my 1 year clean which is great.but what has also come from this is after a while you find  your attention ,feelings and thought pattern has changed. i am no longer focusing on the next gamble but i am seeing where my family needs me more than ever.things were obviously going on before but i may of noticed them but was consumed with myself.its almost like i was on another planet.its refreshing to be back on planet earth but my attention is now focused on sorting out the family it takes alot of strength to with hold from the gambling so now i am going to focus that strength in them all.i wanted to mention this to high light to all those on there journey to show how much the rewards are from stopping this illness.there is no amount of money you can win.that makes you feel as being there for your loved ones.and being appreciated for it…………

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