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    I feel sooo happy right now! I know I can’t undo the financial troubles i’ve got myself into over night, but i won’t be gambling anymore. yesterday, I lost 400.00, money i needed for my mortgage. I was up all night, hating myself and who i’ve become. prayer helps! This site helps! This is where I learned about self-exclusion. I walked into the casino this morning and put myself on the self-exclussion list which makes it illegal for me to gamble in the state of PA. I could get arrested if found anywhere near a casino. I used to go to Mount Airy because it was literally 10 minutes from my home. I wouldn’t travel far to one. Anyway, I cannot collect on any winnings and any money found on me would while gambling would be confescated. I would be considered tresspassing! My fear of being arrested is way greater than the rush of gambling especially since I can never cash in. You can put yourself on the list for 1 year, 5 years or lifetime. I choose lifetime. Now I can start repairing the damage i caused without causing any more. Every CG needs to self-exclude. There’s no other way. Cut your suffering, please try it. I feel better already. I can fix this now. Yeah!!!!!!I’ll keep trying. I hope I have enough time to make things right.


    “A penny saved is a penny earned”- I understand that now like I never have before. Self-exclusion is a great option. Instead of giving most my money away to the casino in a futile pursuit of fortune, I am spending it on useful things and I feel so much better. No more poverty, no more lies, no more stress. I have a feeling that I will look back to my every day spent at the casino with absolute disgust!


    Good on you! I self excluded from a pub i used to go to that had a great play area for kids, so i would take my kids and put them in the play area while i gambled. They said i could exclude for 5 years so i did and at the end of it guess what they did? Started sending me all their promotional material again! Couldnt believe it. You would think if a CG went to them asking not to be allowed back that surely they wouldnt try to suck them back in like that. I thought it was very underhanded.


    Hi yes I tried to self exclude myself so many times online and yes you are so right they just keep on sending emails and promotion stuff. They even got my new phone number and texted bonus info. What a nightmare its more than underhanded its harassment.


    Hi yes I have done that from so many pubs I did this years ago and about 3 or 4 of them I have been able to visit and no body says anything to me tell me to leave, I tried to do the right thing so I couldnt go and I can still go which is really wrong on their part should be on the ball with self exclusions. So I feel the best way next is to go to as many meetings I can to help me

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