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      Hi, my name is brett, 23 from Sydney, Aus.
      I am a compuslive gambler and am going to quit from this point forward.
      Last night I put through $1700.00 through the pokie machines over 7 hours. This is just about half of my monthly pay gone in a short amount of time. During this time I wasn’t happy at any point whether I was winning or losing. There was a point in the middle of this session that I could have walked out with only a couple of hundred dollars lost, but it all went back in to the machines. It was at this point that I realised it was going to change.
      When I turned 18, I used to see people in gaming rooms that would hit the machines, talk to the machine and be completely ignorant to what was going on around them. In the space of 5 years, I have now become one of those people. For me, suddenly a 50c bet is now not enough, i must bet $3 or $5 per spin. I hate myself for being this way but currently feel helpless in getting rid of this problem. It has affected my social life, I am just thankful it hasn’t affected my financial wellbeing and career to the point of breaking point.
      It has been 20 hours since I last gambled on a pokie. I have been in this spot before and I know this is what some will call the honeymoon period. Days will go by easier, until the urge is unbearable and I am back in the same spot. I have been there many times before.
      The 6th of November 2011 is the first day, and i can’t wait to tell you all about the next day. I plan to use the journal each day, it won’t matter to me if there are no replies as it will be more for my benefit than others.
      Look forward to talking to you all.
       I have made the first step, now I have to stick with it.

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