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    Me and my thoughts…TF

    Look at my ride

    All shiny and clean

    Not quite a Ferrari

    My dream machine


    But that was before

    I discovered roulette

    A game that I couldn’t refuse a bet

    Seventeen, a “lucky” number I chased

    Blew all my money with a madman’s haste

    All Without leaving this place,

    Online casinos my stupid waste.


    So now I need no car to own,

    Just need the internet on my mobile phone

    As I flip to GT my friends to chat

    The forum addicts

    Who all wore this hat

    We all know we’re the ones to blame

    To get addicted to a stupid online game


    It’s no joke for any one of us

    But live and fight this disease we must

    See you later on the other side 

    Let kick this habit one more time 


    Love this TF…We are in in this together and will beat this together!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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