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    I am currently attending a therapy group in the Problem gambling services in my area. We are currently starting to look at the Zen way of recovery. We were given a copy of the rewritten G.A. 12 steps. The 12 Gates of Zen recovery. I would like to list them for you and see what people think about them. I will post more about each gate as I learn about them in my group. But here is the List.
    1. We accepted unconditionally that Control is Illusion and Attachment is SUFFERING, that we ourselves make and unmake our realities/stories.
    2. Awoke to the possibility that our Original Minds could restore us to Clarity.
    3. Set foot on a Path to re-claim our awareness of the world as it really is, not as we may with it to be.
    4. Made a mindful and unflinching examination of our Karma.
    5. Acknowledged publicly and privately the negative effects of our Karma on all beings.
    6. Opened ourselves to compassion.
    7. Without ego, released our attachment to personal history and changed the direction of our karma.
    8. Remembered all being affected by our karma and reached out to them in compassion with no thoughts of results.
    9. Restored relationships where possible except when to do so would result in the creation of more bad karma.
    10. Continued to practice compassion for ourselves and tohers on a daily basis.
    11. Sought to stay awake and aware at all times, practicing mindfulness moment-to-moment, one day at a time,reclaiming our true natures.
    12. Having had a recovery or awakening as a result of entering these gates, we vowed to save all beings from addictive behavior.

    I am hopeful that i will get some thoughts/comments on this post.


    Thanks for posting those SJ. Whatever our beliefs there are a 12 steps for us. The meaning behind the steps is the important thing.

    Lily Nix

    I would like to hear more about each step


    I just learned of your question now Lily nix.   i am currently still going thru them in my stopping gambling group.  So far they are very interesting.  the name of the book is calledThe Zen of Recovery author is Mel Ash.  It is soft cover book and filled with the steps and also zen stories.  You will like it.  


    I hope you start your own thread in the My Journal Forum as well, you can get a lot of support there


    I have just ordered a copy of this book.. thanks for sharing slotjunkie ☺☺


    Hope you enjoy the book as much as I am

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