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     ‘The 20 – Gambler’s Anonymous questions’

    On entering GA, I was given a book to read with twenty questions in
    Would, I be able to answer them honestly? And where would I begin?
    For answers I knew I had to search inside my compulsive liar’s head
    ‘Most CG’s would answer yes to at least seven of the questions’ – I read

    I knew I could definitely answer all the questions with the answer ‘yes’
    But to another person, I found it difficult to honestly and openly confess
    ‘Bloody hell – being a compulsive gambler’ was really hard for me to admit,
    Even though I knew deep down – ‘I was a CG and I needed help to quit’

    I started to attend regular GA meetings and I shared all my addiction sh*t
    Soon I felt with other CG’s help – I didn’t need gambling one little bit
    And with other CG’s understanding support I felt I was learning to cope
    From the GA room I have gained so much strength, experience and hope

    The 20 questions are asked in relation to different aspects of my CG life
    Over time the areas of concern – are causing me less problems and strife
    It is good for me to ask the questions occasionally and regularly reassess
    Thankfully with the help of CG’s and GA – the answer ‘yes’ – is now far less

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