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    The advice I didn’t want to hear

    What was it that I really did fear?


    Things that would help me address my addiction

    Rather than listen to my gambling fiction


    The things that actually could make me stop

    Why didn’t they come straight to the top?


    Telling the truth instead of the lies?

     Maybe I should stick to my old alibis


    Getting to meetings, at least one a week?

    If I do that I might have to speak!


    Tying up my money?  Or getting banned?

    That’s a lot harder than I really had planned


    I can’t do that I can do it on my own J

    But didn’t I say that before my last loan? L


    So maybe there is something in way they say

    Maybe there is a different way


    We always hear the things that are easy

    Things that take work just make us queasy


    The reason I know now was always clear

    There really was nothing that I had to fear


    It was just my sneaky, lying addiction

    Giving me more of that same old fiction


    When we decide to really take action

    There is no point in doing it by fraction.


    The advice we don’t want to hear is often the best

    It might be hard but this is no jest


    Don’t listen to that addictions voice

    Treat it like any other noise


    Take those tough steps and you will find

    Recovery and peace of mind


    I did the things I didn’t want to hear

    And now I have no tears, no fear


    Not gambling is not really a sacrifice

    In recovery life, well it really is nice!






    I travelled to that “other world”
    By some strange magic source
    Transported in a stupor,
    Of sheer magnetic force.
    I didn’t wait to question,
    To ask whither, when or why,
    Gave consent without attempting
    The consequences to deny!

    I don’t remember going-
    I blocked that journey out
    By using every tactic
    To suppress my rational doubt.
    Although my mind was screaming
    “Turn back ! You have a choice!”
    But addiction leads to dreaming
    So I just ignored that voice.

    I thought about my future
    My promises and plans
    To be frugal free and truthful
    Living Life in God’s safe Hands!
    It was clear before I started
    What the outcome soon would be,
    And I heard the Voice of Reason
    “What will YOU do differently?”

    A gambler’s prayer for miracles,
    For favours and for wins,
    Soon transforms into mockery
    Reflected in the “spins”
    Seventy, eighty, ninety
    Before we see Three Bars,
    Maybe God is laughing now,
    Scolding from the stars!

    Gambling is my First Love
    When I fail to take control
    And even though I have a choice
    It takes my heart and soul,
    But only when I give consent
    To set this” monster”free
    From the cage where he lies sleeping,
    It is I who hold the key!


    I am glad that I can see your post. The rest you know better than I do.
    See you soon Vera.
    All the best


    Great poem Vera. Hopefully see you again in a group soon.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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