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      My partner popped out yesterday to get some paint as we are decorating the kitchen. We needed gloss as we didn’t have any in. My partner text me to say he would be home soon he was just having a quick pint!! Which for me meant he was on the bandit!! He came back about half an hour later went straight upstairs, I went to see him and asked how much he’d lost, he told me a couple of quid, of course I didn’t believe him, his body language told me different. So I said that’s ok I will check your bank he then said he lost £70. This is what sparked his last online gambling spate off as he then needed to re coupe the money back!! I’ve not had chance to talk to him about it yet but I will today!
      I’ve tried to down load bet filter but for some reason it won’t download onto our laptop!! He didn’t gamble online last night which I thought he would as I went to bed before him!! I think I’m going to take the laptop to bed with me. It’s not too bad when my middle son is here as he has the laptop in his bedroom till all hours , due to school hols but he’s at his dads until sun. I just feel he’s on self destruct all the time. It’s almost as if he doesn’t want to be happy if that makes sense. He has told me gambling doesn’t make him happy! What he does with his disposable income is up to him I know that. I’m not going to let gambling take over me!! I will not give him any money if he gambles all his own away.
      But on a happier note my eldest son has just got in to Lincoln uni, so he will be moving out in the next 4 weeks or so!
      Take care

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