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      Stopping Gambling and recovery have given me some great things in life. I always say that Christmas and holdays always highlight the difference between now and then.

      Something smaller, and not so enjoyable, also does the same.

      The dentist. When I was in action I think I went 14 years without a visit to the dentists, yes my teeth would ache now and then but painkillers were cheaper! Today I went to the dentist, just for a check up. It was the first time in a while but this time that was due to Covid restrictions, lockdowns and delays due to dentist backlogs. Prior to that, in recovery I was getting a check pu every 6 months and will now do that again.

      Recovery gives us a lot of great things, the smaller, normal things are important too 🙂

      Edited to add – and i dont need any work doing!! Woo hoo!! 🙂

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      You are so right Charles. I used to look forward to the holidays with my daughter and family because it would be so great to see them, open presents, shop for them and make goodies that they would like. Gambling has taken away any and all excitement that I feel for any occasions. I will gamble on my days when I’m not working so that I dont want to go to family get togethers. I dont have money to buy the things that I used to or the time to shop or make things for my family. Occasions are reminders of what I have lost, or am losing. I see my family happy and doing well and I am fearful they will see the real me somehow. I want to be the clown that i used to be. I want to be fun and vibrant. I used to dress nicely, be attractive and happy. Now, if I even go to a family function, I barely even shower. What has become of me? What has gambling taken from me that I can get back? MY LIFE. THATS WHAT! I am feeling more anger at it today than I ever have before and it is because of your dentist. Gambling has taken any semblance of a normal life and turned me into a functional -albeit sloppy – addict and I need to dig deeper than I have been to find the anger at what i have lost – not money only- but life itself. Thanks Charles for your inciting post.

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      You can get that life back Losingitslowly. Plan your gamble free days, fill your time with other things. If I make a plan then I am less likely to procrastinate about the things I tend to put off.

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