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    There was a girl I once knew
    Open, honest and kind
    With a caring mind.
    That life she outgrew.
    am not surprised
    She is despised
    I saw what she went through.

    The years took their toll
    Filled with sadness and despair
    Without any hope of repair
    Can God hear her prayer?
    save her soul that was stole
    And dwells in that black hole.

    No place to call her own
    Frightened, scared and feeling alone
    The seeds had already been sown
    Right where they had grown.
    I met her on a wet Monday
    Or it could have been a Sunday
    It was on the airport runway.

    The look in her eyes was no disguise
    There underlies the answers to the
    Many lies, written as clear as
    The vastness of the skies.


    I love that. …


    chronicles of my journey 🙂


    Excellent work liberty, really thought provoking and I can very much feel the words. Let’s hope the light at the end of our long tunnel x

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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