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    I saw the wild look in the Gambler’s eyes
    On that winter’s night of frost and lies.
    I sensed his pain and his frantic rush
    With an overwhelming urge to crush
    The terror that his world might crash
    His only hope (I could not dash)
    The one sure thing that he believed
    In chasing his loss he might be relieved
    Of the shame and guilt his actions brought
    Eyes glazed
    And overwrought.
    His expression revealed a soul ensnared
    Too proud to dwell on a secret shared
    So little to gain
    So much to lose
    Could an outstretched hand
    Ever be refused
    Of the very last chance
    Of one more win
    To redeem himself from his latest sin
    A broken , sick yet still proud heart
    He strove to detach and quickly depart
    With nervous gaze and shuffling gait
    A bundle of cash his latest bait
    And from the enabler’s hand it passed
    “I’ll pay you back to the very last….”
    he swore as he merged with the traffic’s glare
    And I will never forget his frozen stare….


    Brilliant poem Vera


    This is a great poem Vera.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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