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    Just like a jigsaw, this forum should be made up of hundreds of small pieces of experience and knowledge that when joined together create a whole picture of how to cope with the addiction to gamble from the perspective of F&F.

    As part of the Gambling Therapy Team I hold the corner piece which is the ‘Welcome Post’ you have all received.  I usually follow up with a few side pieces to try to give shape to the pile of confusing pieces that surround you.

    Maybe the corner piece and the few side pieces I have placed have helped you to start visualising your way forward but in my opinion a few pieces from me cannot (and do not) answer each and every concern because I cannot see your unique picture  – only you can do that – and you are many. 

    If we were sitting together in a room, which is how I visualise my work on this forum and in the F&F group, each of you would have something unique to say but recently the forum has been quiet which is a shame. 

    Every F&F member who visits this forum holds a piece of experience about the addiction to gamble that would have a place in the picture of another.  This other member is (and will remain) unknown but they are going though, or have been through similar struggles to you in their effort to make sense of a senseless mess, or they would not be here. 

    Before you log out of this forum and have written your thread (and read any replies on your thread), please leave a piece of you and your experience behind on the thread of another – even if it is just to say ‘hi, you are not alone’.  In my experience it is best not to dig up long past posts because the forum is not a place where members dwell once their pictures are complete or they have a clearer idea of what they have to do.

    When one piece fits there is relief but when many pieces are added – confusion turns to clarity and – that is the complete F&F Jigsaw.




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