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    Today I feel a little rough,
    These paracetemol are not enough
    To stop my head, oh how it throbs,
    I’ve been home today away from jobs
    Aches and pains and feeling chills
    Won’t stop me though and here I will
    Man the groups and wait and see
    Who turns up to talk to me
    Compulsive gamblers – girls and boys
    Come and talk but please no noise
    I’m here for now, see how it goes
    I’ve got a hanky for my nose
    I might get worse, we’ll wait and see
    Then Cate can come and cover me!


    Now I know I am merely a bloke
    But this man flu thing is really no joke
    Thanks to all who came to say
    Get well soon and in their way
    Cheer me up with company
    As they shared recovery
    Thanks to to Cate who took pity
    Now it’s off to bed for me
    Now I hope you come to say
    Hi to Cate – just say Hey .
    Good night to one and all
    I’m off for more paracetemol!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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