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      Hi this is my first post. My life has become disastrous in the last 2 years due to one and only reason POKER. I had uptil 2009 not known about this game. My life had been great, I had seen one success after another in my career. I used to take care of all my wife and children needs. Build properties give lavish gifts take care monetarily, mentally as a guide etc of all my surronding people. I rose at a young age to good positions and travelled across the world. alongwith that arrorange grew and when in 2008 i joined a big group in retail I was having everything my way. due to lehman brothers fiasco, I quit the new venture and starting passing time in the stock market playing in stocks. around the same time on internet i learned poker thru free chips. I used to play all night and loved the ALL IN aspect of it. When it was free chips i used to gamble away and get various mood swings in taking down other poker opponents. By 2009 i had settled to a new senior position in middle east country and there i introduced poker to my friends. My family did not join me in this new assignment thogh they were with me mentally completely. This was due to educational reqt of my children and we did not want to unsettle them. But due to the lack of family and my new interest in poker, i starting playing poker with my friends in home game regulary and used to win a lot of money. I quit my job and went into a lesser interesting job purely to be in touch with poker. Please note i had been winning almost all of the sessions and I did not know what is a dealer button, pot odds and other terms. I started playing poker in club and thats when i started losing money. The more sessions i lost i went in for bigger bigger league so as to cover my losses. Unfortunately the hole became bigger and bigger and slowly but steadily i lost all my properties, my wife’s ornaments and now in deep debt. Also due to this addiction i lost respect from my family members both near and cousins etc and also lost the confidence from my children. My health deteriortated to such a level that i was diagonised with diabetics and blood pressure. My concentration in my job reduced thereby affecting the performance. In the meantime, everytime i lost that night i could not sleep and used to resolve that henceforth there wont be any game further. However within a day or two i am plaing in the internet and reading books on poker or watching poker games and decided with a new resolve to play differently and ended up in the poker table in a club. I used to be encouraged by the club being a good fish to get the first buy in free etc. I used to go on tilt either on good winning or on losing. I played normally till my first bad beat or a lucky win. Surely due to the kind of play each day one of the above used to happen and my resolved not tilting went to noght and i went about tilting. Also the bad thing in these clubs are they used to encourage and give credit. So i went on borrowing thinking and planning that i should cover my that days loss and believe me with that attitude no single day i used to win. If at all there was winning it was small and then immediately a big loss many times multiples of that win used to happen. I seek HELP desperately to put back my life in order. Never earlier i used to think about that life is over and done. Today i only plan to live that much wherein i can pay off the liabilities and my family is not burdened due to my reckless and irresponsible behaviour. Ofcourse this aspect is only on money which can be recovered over time. However the loss of health, emotions, quality time with family, building values to children those losses can never be recovered. I still talk such sensibily and i know that i slip at the first given oppurtunity. I NEED HELP. Thank god my family my work is still with me.
      i would sincerely like to come out of poker and gambling and lead a contended life. PLEASE HELP ME.

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