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      Hello all,
        It has been a few years since I have been here. Like most of us, we start a thread..feel better about ourselves.Then we stop posting. This isnt the same thing here. I posted & actually connected with some outside of here on facebook.It was so nice to see a face & family life to some of us who are stuggling with things.
       The last time I was here I had a looney manager, a looney job, and stuff wasnt going right.
       That was all true.
        I have been on a journey to understand people. They way think, they feel, I have never been more enlightend since I became a school bus driver.
        My first thought on this journey is that most of us grow to be middle schoolers and we never grow up past that.
      If you want to know, YES!! I have slipped, and been on at least one binge.But it isnt as bad as what I did before when I first got on here. It is better.BUT!! my ATTITUDE is better. My thoughts are better. This isnt about an easy way out. But it is about how I see people. What I have learned about excuses, self pity, laziness, weak minds, and it is about appreciating every gift, my life now, my responsbilites, leadership, and the biggest word of all "SACRIFICE"..
        I dont care if you agree or not.The most important thing is do I stay with this thread.
         Everything is in your life is about how you see it!!

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