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    Climbing my own mountain I have found a ledge

    Care must be taken to stay clear of the edge


    As long as I stay on it I know I have relief

    It keeps me clear of danger from those rocks beneath


    When I first got on it, it wasn’t very high

    Life was not so good, in doldrums did I lie


    I gave my ledge a name, it was Recovery

    It kept me safe and sound, while I stayed gambling free


    Now my ledge rose higher, things were not so low

    But I must still be careful, to avoid the rocks below


    Now my ledge is wider, life’s a lot more easy

    But if I look down from the edge, I can still get queasy


    Because I can still remember, how hard it was to climb

    And when I tell you now, I’m doing it in rhyme


    I am quite happy, that I’ll never reach the top

    Being on my ledge, I’ll never have to stop


    Staying on recovery, I still really know

    That I must be aware of those rocks below


    Higher, wider on it goes; it is really good

    It gives me more than gambling ever really could


    We all have a ledge, you can find one too

    Come on up and join me, you’ll really like the view


    Thanks for sharing! Great poem!


    This came up ina group discussion somehow so here it is bumped up.


    Great poem. Enjoyed reading it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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