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      The man I can be is very different from the one I am now.

      Move on with my life, no more slips will I allow.

      Today I realised I have posted on this site before.

      Back in 2018, I obviously thought I didn’t need to post anymore.

      So there we go I slipped again, further and harder than ever.

      Thought I could go back, that maybe I am clever.

      I am accepting my shortfalls, what I need to do to get better.

      By writing a poem, some sort of letter.

      For 10 days or so I have been gamble free.

      In 100 days maybe I get back to feeling more like me.

      Being me means I am prone to distraction.

      To gamble again, to have that interaction.

      I need to go past, who I was before.

      To have a new beginning, open a new door.

      Behind the door, a new life is waiting for me.

      Where I can be the man I know I can be.

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      Hi Marcus

      Your poem speaks volumes, I have read it 4 times already. Well done writing it.

      You proved in 2018 that you can control your addiction. Now you know that complacency was always sitting on your shoulder, waiting for you to fall, you can be better prepared to send it packing in future. Working through this painful lesson can make you stronger and having read your words I believe in you.

      Armed with that knowledge you can definitely be the man you want to be and I, along with many others, will look forward to reading your progress.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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