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    The money is gone, it’s not mine anymore. I let myself believe I would get it all back. I gave it away it’s being carried in some sort of sack. If I keep chasing it, I will lose more and more. Haven’t I learned it’s gone and not mine. It’s not here to buy clothes, it’s not here to buy wine. I worked so hard to save it and through it all in a machine. One piece of paper showing 30 cents is hardly a gleam. Do think they will just give it back to me. If I keep hoping that I am nothing more then a dead tree. I keep counting all the losses in my head I’ve lost all the years, the money the sacrifice it’s nothing but tears.
    I have no money it’s not mine anymore, it belongs to the casino it’s there money and their score. I let my fantasy keep thinking I’ll get it all again. Again and Again I keep losing more. The years and the pain have knocked on my door. Save me today please don’t let me give it away. Keep me safe and warm in this life of horror.


    Love this Tiki..

    It has stayed in my head for weeks And cut my last slip short … Cos I knew there was no point in chasing what is no longer mine!!!


    enjoyed your writing. very nice.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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