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      i promised PaulGT that i would start this thread today so here goes. it was inspired by yesterdays group topic in chat, this thread is a reminder to praise oneanother for our efforts in recovery, be it through finding help and support, to getting barriers in place, like i have banned myself, sought counselling, g.a., and limited my money, i am still learning, but i have figured that buying products that i will sell is also thrilling, and an investment, rather than a loss. of course i have to curb my online purchasing, just recently i received an item that was poorly described and overpriced, charged me 26 dollars shipping, next thing i know, after i bought it, he made the shipping 18 dollars, makes me wonder why i even bought the darn thing.rah rah rah… any way, don’t forget to pat one another on the back, positive reinforcement or conditioning, is what makes us use the slots, so we respond to it. you can also use this thread, to praise yourself or fellow members here. 🙂 it’s important.

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