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    It all started a few years back. It was just a game with a few friends, nothing serious. They were able to control it and for some reason I can’t. I’m at a point where I’m losing myself, my family, friends, and the love of my life. I am so bad that I stole from the very same people that love me. My family I stole over 5k from just to gamble n lost it all. I stole my girlfriend’s car in the middle of the night just to go gamble. I even gambled online and won 10k and thought to myself I wanna win one more k and I would stop. But then I lost 1k, so I went chasin to win it back and the next thing i knew, I lost it all. Now because of all my issues, I began to lie n got caught in my lies as well. My girl and I are no longer together due to all of this, but we are tring to get things back on track as long as I work on being better. Gambling has effect the way I act around people as well. I used to be fun to be around, now I feel like I’m a loser and no one wants to be around me. I have pushed all of them away. I had gotten my act together for the past month avoiding situations where I felt like gambling. I even started focusing on staying positive and going to the gym and occupying myself with other stuff. But over the weekend, I went to my brother’s house for his bday, and I got angry at him and stormed out. From some reason the urge to gamble crept in n I gambled. I have been feeling terrible for the past two days about this and now I got a call from my girl saying my account was negative and I needed to transfer more from my other account to cover it. How she found out?…she works at the bank where I do my banking and my name came up in the NSF report. This makes me feel even worse that she thinks I back to gambling. But thats not true, I wanna stay away n be happy again. I just wish she understood and now I dont know what to do, I don’t wanna lose her nor my family…..forgive but never forget

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