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    colin in brum

    Ive posted this before but somethign reminded me of it in the group earlier so i thought I might as well repost.
    I’m not religious, but I heard a story once that I liked, it went something like this:

    A religious man fell from a cruise ship and was splashing around in the middle of a big ocean, slowly running out of strength. He prayed toGod to save him. Anyway out of nowhere a boat appeared and they threw him a rope. He pushed it away saying "It’s okay I don’t need a rope, God will save me". They threw the rope again, and again he pushed it away. Now he’s getting really tired and prays all the harder. A third time they throw the rope and with the last of his strength he pushes it away saying again that God will save him. With the last of his strength gone he sinks and drowns.
    When he gets to heaven he says "God I have worshipped you all my life, why didn’t you help me in my hour of need when I prayed for that help?".

    God says "I sent you a bloody boat!".

    For this addiction there are a lot of "boats" out there, forums like this, GA, Gamcare, counselling, others.  Splashing around on our own never works, make sure you grab the rope! 

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