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    Hi everyone,
    Just like to say thankyou to the people in the topic group this lunchtime. We could have just sat there talking about anything, but we all chose Recovery and in doing so decided to have our own topic on ACCEPTANCE.
    The genaral jist as i saw was, When we accept we have a problem/the past or present we can finally move on in recovery, and by doing so can leave bad traites behind, and the good traites within us can come out like honesty, kinda a domino effect. Step 1 in the 12 steps after all says We addmitted we are powerless over gambleing. If we struggle to accept that, somewhere inside us is still telling us i can still gamble a little bit.(My view)
    Anyway ty again.
    JayJay x
     To think is a thought, To do is an action.

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