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      As i told before I am going to Gordon House ,today I went out to buy some sucks and a few toiletry ,in my way i passed will hill and for nearlly 10 second the urge for gambeling came to me.
      Ive not gambled .I think the most important thing which stoped me to gambel was this site and GA site I found alreay a few friends here and I did not want to come here and tel them that i had a bet today..
      I am happy and really tanx full from all people who made this site and GA
      I spend most of my life to fight against Fundemental Islamic Muvement in meadel east ,I am iranian ,I served lots of poor people as a GP in my own country but now I think the persons who created GA or AA or …. they are really fighting for human right and there is always a way to fighht for human right and made them free from any sort of slavary
      specially self slavary
      Thanks hamed

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      Hi Hamed,
      Good to hear that you got through your urge to gamble.. well done.
      Just a thought but it may help to stay with one recovery topic. In that way you can keep your thoughts in one place and review your progress over time.
      But however you choose to use the forum I wish you well on your journey.
      Kind regards
      TimTaking life one day at a time as always.

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      Thank You Tim
      I think you are right I will

Viewing 2 reply threads
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