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      Hi there, I was on this a few months ago and it helped alot, when I thought I was okay I stopped coming on!! Big Mistake, this last 2 months Ive lost nearly £2000 on the Roullette machines, I cant seem to stop, I even snuck out of work for 10 minutes to have a shot at the bookies around the corner, I lost £130 in 4 minutes!!! The thing is I dont know why im dong this, I have a wonderful Girlfriend who has moved in with me, im out running im at the gym……………….but i just get this urge where I begin to shake and feel like I have to gamble, Ive not blown all my savings and im not in any debt yet but its coming I can feel it! my bets are getting bigger and bigger again, Ive banned myself from all the bookies but they have not noticed and are still letting me in, Thank god I cant register online anymore so thats been sorted!!
      I just want to get ride of that shakey feeling the urges, and there so much worse when I have some money!!
      Im stuck in this rut and I dont know what to do anymore!
      Thanks for reading and I guess just letting it out is helping a little
       Lifes hard Dont make it any Harder!!

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