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      Today is a challenging day!  I felt the urge coming on so I am taking some time to write.  I know that going to the Casino has put my in a financial bind and going again will put me further behind.  I am determind to beat this thing.  I only have another 6 weeks and my finances will be back in order.  I can under no circumstances go toward that place.
      I am getting ready to clean out my kitchen cabinets and also mop the floor.  I need to throw out some old bills and disgard some of this mail that has piled up.  So this should keep me busy until the Biggest Loser comes on tonight!
      I am praying my strength in my Savior to help me all the way.  But I know that I must do my part and He will without a doubt do His.  I don’t know where these urges comes from out of the clear blue sky– but I must find every remedy to help ignore them.  If anyone has other solutions other than cleaning the house and saying that I will go in ten minutes please share with me.  I have only 6 weeks until I can buy a few things enjoy going other places and hopefully go to a basketball game if they decide to play.  I want a clean life.  I want my life back.  I need the Lord to be in charge of my life not ME! all right now

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