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    I sense how you perceive me,
    You think I’m less than you,
    I’m an addict , you can judge me,
    I’m just someone who,
    Makes you feel good about being you !!

    I can sense how you look down,
    When I fret about my latest fall
    You tell my family they should leave,
    Your mind it is so small
    Cos They love me warts and all

    You can’t believe that they would stay
    With an addict as disgusting as me
    While you go home to your empty life
    I am here with my family
    We are not perfect but we are we!!!

    Hold on to that halo tight
    Many like you find they slip
    When they take the time to self inspect
    To look past their ego trip
    I think you’ll find you’re not so hip!!

    I am a gambler this is true
    My failures they are far from few
    I recognise what I’ve been and done
    But I can recover start anew,
    But you will always still be you!!



    Thank you God for the many blessings you have bestowed upon someone as undeserving as me. Tonight thank you especially for my wonderful happy little family!!! I am truly blessed!!! Sometimes I ask why me? Why am I a gambler? Why did it have to be me? But I could as easily ask.. Why me? Why is my life filled with so much love and happiness while others have so little love? Why did I get such a happy home life..such a loving husband… Such a wonderful child?? Please help me beat this. You know how much I want to. I must learn to lean on you for everything and not the empty promises of this addiction ..You are my strength and my rock!!! Amen.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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