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      I sense how you perceive me,
      You think I’m less than you,
      I’m an addict , you can judge me,
      I’m just someone who,
      Makes you feel good about being you !!

      I can sense how you look down,
      When I fret about my latest fall
      You tell my family they should leave,
      Your mind it is so small
      Cos They love me warts and all

      You can’t believe that they would stay
      With an addict as disgusting as me
      While you go home to your empty life
      I am here with my family
      We are not perfect but we are we!!!

      Hold on to that halo tight
      Many like you find they slip
      When they take the time to self inspect
      To look past their ego trip
      I think you’ll find you’re not so hip!!

      I am a gambler this is true
      My failures they are far from few
      I recognise what I’ve been and done
      But I can recover start anew,
      But you will always still be you!!


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