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    Hello All, just had someone on the helpline who asked for this list so thought I’d post it as a topic.
    I know GA litereature varies a little around trhe world, here in the UK this list is in the main orange book under the heading "My Daily Moral Inventory".
    Watch for                      Strive for
    Self pity                         Self forgetfulness
    Self justification             Humility
    Self condemnation          Self evaluation
    Dishonesty                      Honesty
    Impatience                      Patience
    Hate                               Love
    Resentment                    Forgiveness
    False Pride                     Simplicity
    Jealousy                         Trust
    Envy                               Generosity
    Laziness                         Activity
    Procrastination               Promptness
    Insincerity                      Straightforwardness
    Negative thinking           Positive Thinking
    Vulgarity, Immorality      High Mindedness, spirituality
    Trashy thinking              Clean thinking
    Criticising                      Looking for the good
    Personally it was this list and the 20 questions that made me realize that my gambling wasn’t just a financial problem.  All of the "watch for" list applied to me!  Of course some of them still do, even if not as badly, none of us are saints.  Recovery is about trying to address some of those character traits that addiction gives us though and striving to be a better person.  Personally Procrastination is probably the one im worst at so I’ve posted this straight away instead of waiting until tomorrow!




    Ok, in a group this evening someone asked “what is recovery?”

    Part of it at least is working on character traits we may have picked up in addiction, or indeed had anyway.

    When i first stopped gambling i thought that was all i had to do, then I saw this list and realised it wasn’t just my gambling that was the problem – it was me.

    Score yourself out of 10 on each line, with both sides adding up to the 10.

    When I did it all the high numbers were on the wrong side of the page!!

    Recovery isn’t about trying to be perfect, its about gradual improvement. This list helped me see some of the things I needed to work on, then I was able to find ways to gradually improve things, reduce the score on one side and increase the score on the right side.

    I’m still not perfect, hopefully i will never think i am! 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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