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    There’s really only one casino I have visited in the past several months. All others are too far away from me to even have time to visit. So since I flat out lost the last time several times I was there, I’m trying this tactic in the hopes that they won’t welcome me back. I went on their web page and childishly insulted them adding that I believe their machines are rigged to never hit anything good. Maybe they’ll exclude me from coming in again after that.


    Hi Zman,

    Getting yourself banned from that casino is indeed a good move. A more reliable method would be to go there, with no money on you, and ask them to exclude you. Security will take your photo, job done.


    at the end o f the day the people that run these places are evil. if you politely hand in a self exclusion form they are too fucking lazy to do anything in my experience. they just file it away with all the other in a back office.

    once i went back to a bookies and milled around for a bit (with no money) when it was clear they didn’t recognise me i suddenly started filming the cashier. iasked her why she didn’t care, why she was so lazy, why they constantly allowed me to spend big whilst i was excluded.

    they had no idea if i would send this to media or head office etc. i think that cashier no longer works there, perhaps her conscious kicked in.

    now that place never forget me!

    in the uk self exclusion is tricky unless you only gamble in casinos.

    also if you don’t stand out much its hard for staff to recognize you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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