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      I altered the group time on Tuesdays to make it easier for countries further from the UK and I am now going to run a group on Thursdays between 1800 and 1900 hours UK time which I hope will be better for our European members such as Switzerland, Netherlands, Greece, to name but a few.  It is great to talk in real time and I look forward to meeting anybody who wants to push their thoughts around with instant reactions. 

      To find out the time the group is on in your country search in  . 


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      Hi Velvet

      I hope our online community of friends and family members are able to join you at your new time because I know they will benefit from your support and insight.

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      Perhaps at some stage there will also be some consideration given to UK members as well !

      There probably was no better way of saying UK not welcome

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      Hi Jenny,
      I am not going to speak for Velvet as I know she is perfectly capable of doing that herself.

      I see there are now Friends and Family Groups on at 6pm and 10pm on different days. Both times which are hopefully accessible for you and other UK members. Unfortunately with different time zones those times are not as convenient for members in other parts of the world.

      In case you didn’t know, you would also have been more than welcome in my ealier groups this evening: the Drop In groups are open to both Gamblers and Friends or family and the New Members Advice Groups are also open to all and existing members are more than welcome. Basically they are a “normal” group until/unless a new member comes in and then I and other facilitators are more than grateful for any advice or experience that more experienced members can help give.
      Check out the times and you are more than welcome in all but the Gamblers Only groups. Hopefully see you soon.

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      hello velvet
      I came yesterday to find you on the group but i did wrong the time and charle helped me. i m so confused with the hours i can not understand the times on support groups i dont know the name of your group and yesterday i read this post and i said “alliloua” that is a time that here in greece i can visit.because all the others groups were so late here and i have internet only at my work not in my home so i couldnt visit the group .yestreday i tried but i did wrong the hour. but if you are from now on on thursdays 18:00 (your time) that means 20:00 my time it is wonderful because i will find you
      i will write my update ..everything goes well
      i miss you v i miss you all

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      Hello Ell
      I’m glad you found Charles and I look forward to you finding me again.

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      My point is this
      I know when the groups are, unfortunately at those times I am cooking tea aor getting home work done mine and my boys etc etc .

      I think the point i made badly was this ………..

      Unless i’ve missed something, UK members are welcome if they have a partner, family member friend etc who is or has been in GH. This may have changed, I may be slow, I don’t have the answers.

      I just didn’t think it would have hurt to mention that those members or potentially new members are also welcome !!

      Jenny x

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      Dear Jenny
      I apologise if my post appeared to imply that only those outside the UK were welcome – I wrote that first post solely because many people are not in the time zones advertised. I tried to find a time that was convenient for as many members as I could but I know the problems of family commitments will always make some groups inaccessible.
      All family & friends are welcome as are all new members affected by someone with the addiction to gamble.
      Hope this puts everything straight but if it doesn’t I know you know what to do.

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