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      Hi Everyone,
      Before I go off on one telling you about my story I just wanted to say that after reading some of the stories on here I really do feel where most of you are coming from, and I suppose it inspired me to create an account and post.
      I guess I have always been a gambler, I have an addictive personality but gambling is the addiction that has caused me to have some really low moments…especially recently. My problem is FOBT’S and have been playing these for about 10 years now. It started with going in when I was around 17 to put some football bets on, I ended up winning on one of these evil machines which kicked off this horrible problem.
      I ended up going in quite often, basically everyday until one day just before xmas I went and blew everything I had been paid plus the bonus that I had worked really hard for..around 1300 quid all in the space of 20 minutes. Lucky for me my girlfriend at the time bailed me out, paid my rent and bought all the xmas presents I planned on buying. That day I decided to stop playing for good, and never returned for a good few years.
      I recently got my own place (at last!) on a part buy part rent scheme but FOBT’S have become such a problem in the last 6 months or so that I am probably already in danger of losing everything. I had 4000 pounds saved up to do what I wanted with the flat etc  but this has basically all gone now. I have been visiting the bookies every couple of days and behaving in a way I never thought I could, going in with the £300 quid limit from the cashpoint, and going on to use my card in the bookies for transaction after transaction and playing stupid 50 quid spins. I even lost 2100 in an hour or so! I get into a zone where nothing else matters but trying to win back all I have lost. When I win a little I even carry on, WHY?!
      Now I log onto my banking account and it scares the s### out of me, the money I have lost not just in savings but from what I get paid to pay bills etc really is heart breaking. I am like a crack addict when it comes to these machines and I guess I would perhaps start a journal on here to help get some focus and get my life back on track.
      Thanks for reading and maybe I can finally quit gambling for good, I know I really need to now.

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