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      ok so i was posting in here for a while and stopped and have been gambling ever since.
      I now just lost almost every dollar i own and looks like im starting over again. will be posting daily updates on how im doing and would appreciate any words or advice for anyone that wants to follow the journey. its currently 2.30am friday the 13th of may which is my day 1 without gambling. words cant even explain how im feeling but a few would be disappointed, angry, tired, self-hate. but disappointed is the biggest. im very disappointed in myself.

      never have i ever struggled with something so hard to stop. but i lost enough this time that theres no way ill make it back now so hopefully this was the last time i lose money. im growing so tired of myself as the days go by

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      Hey Relapseking, ich weiß ganz genau wie Du Dich fühlst, hab das vor kurzem auch (mal wieder) erleben müssen. Wir müssen uns einfach immer wieder vor Augen halten das wir beim spielen garnicht gewinnen können, es gewinnt immer der Anbieter dieser Spiele!!! Ich nutze jetzt auch dieses Portal um mir immer wieder vor Augen zu halten das Spielen nur Unglück bringt!!! Ich hoffe für uns alle das wir es jetzt endgültig schaffen damit aufzuhören. Liebe Grüße Andre

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      Hi Relapseking and welcome back.

      Did the site help when you were here before? What things helped then? Read the other stories here you will read a lot that you will relate to. You will also see the success stories – what are they doing that you can apply to your own situation?

      You can stop gambling – the important thing then is to stay focused and keep posting to help maintain recovery.

      Andre, I hope you start your own thread where you can tell us a little about your own situation. You can get a lot of support here.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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