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      If you click on live advice helpline chats are listed underneath when they are on. There is one on now if anyone reads this straight away.


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      Hi all it is so easy to use the chat room and to see if any are available

      Just click on the heading live advice helpline
      Underneath are any rooms open listed
      If there are none it says none

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      Thanks p, the link is now called “support groups”

      Hope your liking the new site 🙂

      Take Care H

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      Yes i love the new site… if you click on helpline it also lists what groups are on underneath without having to go to the timetable. So i have discovered hehe.

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      Yes i can see that now too you can
      Click on
      Support groups and then in the timetable a little green box says join when group available or
      Click on
      Helpline and underneath is listed if something is on with join box

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      I missed the Gambler’s Group by 2 minutes!
      Its like running for a bus and it pulls out, leaving you at the bus stop , panting!
      Maybe opening the back door just once on the half hour would give latecomers a second chance!?

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      Planning is a huge part of recovery but it’s not an easy thing for anyone with a gambling addiction to get used to doing on a regular basis. By planning to get to the bus stop on time and witnessing the consequences when we’re late we learn to make sure we get there on time next time.

      Planning our time and respecting boundaries (both ours and others peoples) creates structure and structure creates safety. We want this to be a safe environment for all of our members and not maintaining our time boundaries isn’t a way to create that.

      We want you at the bus stop, so please leave the house earlier next time there’s a metaphorical bus to catch 🙂


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      Thanks Janey!
      Of course I agree with the reasons behind locking the proverbial door….
      On that note, I had better get my act together and be on time for my 3 o clock counselling session. It’s an hours drive away!
      I hate being late for anything!

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      I have figured out at last how to get into chat. It is so easy once you know, but it took me a wee while. If I am honest it has taken actually taken a while to figure it out. There was no one in the weekend chat, but at least I know how to do it now!!!!

Viewing 8 reply threads
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