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    This itch, this itch has me fiending for a fix

    Same thing making me happy is what’s keeping me sick

    But this feeling, this feeling it cant wait

    stuck in a vicious cycle with no brakes

    And I’ve gone off the rails

    Fighting for my soul, like I’m halfway in hell

    But when pull up to the casino I swear I’m on cloud nine

    Overly excited, and nervous and shit as I shit all at the same time

    Walking to my table to get back on the same grind

    Avoid electronic roulette, that shit did something to my mind

    But somehow in drawn in lost that first $100 then  fuck it in all in

    This is my machine, the speed, the suspense, the bells, the whistles

    Missing all my numbers feels like get hit by missles

    Here comes the high I’m up 400 bucks, should I leave…… or keep coming up?

    3 spins later i lost it all what the fuck? And to be honest I dont even remember betting that much

    I NEEDED that money and damn I just had it

    Risking hundreds of mine to recreate that same magic

    Down 600 At this point I’m just praying to get even

    Another 600 in my chamber I’m not thinking about leaving

    Stand and fight type of night bouncing from game to game trying to do all I could

    Funds dwindling, Bank account dry, i withdrew all i could

    Body filled with regret as I make my last bet

    I’m in such a bad mood dont even want this free food

    Make it home sick, curl up in a ball and try to sleep away the sorry

    As I think….what the hell can I sell so I can go win my money back tomorrow?


    Well written


    Very well written. Thanks for sharing

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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