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      Hello everyone, if you have been in similar situation maybe you could help me to do a right thing. My story is common I suppose, gambling started as a fun but became nightmare. I lost love of my life, lost my friends and family. I want to live life I m still young-32. I lost my job in the begining of 2012 and almost become homeless but luckly I move in to my friends sister house and I work for her- redecorating her house. She is professional with great managing job and happy mother of 9 years old girl. She is in the middle of divorce but has a new partner. We are just friends, quite fresh friends but we get on really well. When I moved in I was so happy that I can start my life from scratch and stop gambling- in fact I ve stopped but not for long. First thing I did was stealing her au pairs money and taking £50 cash for the cleaner. I had to ask au pair for keeping this in secret and I ve returned her stolen money next week.then I took my friends some money from chest of drawers, a bit of gold and a bit of cash from hers daughters moneybox. she hasn t find out anything yet and I think she will never find out anyway and even if I can say it wasn t me. She is extremly busy with work and I can easily lie again…but here is my big dilema, I feel heavyness and guilt and I want to confess everything as I respect her and I really feel good in their company. Problem is that I m not sure if she has her own money or gambling issue- she acts funny with money sometimes- and for me if she tell me to move out I might be in trouble. She still owes me more then £700 for work I ve done for her and I can put the gold and the rest on a place back when she will pay me. I was thinking what should I do, I feel that telling the truth is always the best choice and I have a new job opportunity coming- from a friend he knows about my gambling problems but still wants to give me a chance. I feel very good and secure here and I m not sure if she will ask me t move out when I confess. this might be a big problem as I have only debts and can t really rely on anyone. on the other hand I want to start a new life and simply be honest with people specially with ones they are friends and they deserve this. Should I tell her the whole truth or wait until I get better myself and I will pay back all little debts towards her? I don t want to put more problems on her sholders and simply can t afford to become homeless now. Please people if you have similar experience give me a bit of advice. Thanks a lot and all the best for all of you. Mickey

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