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      Hello, my name is Jen, married to a cg, I’ve spent the last year on a site called sober recovery, because he was addicted to pain pills for over 10 yrs. if it weren’t for that site, I could not even imagine where I would be. So now that the pain pills stopped, well (now on suboxine) his new addition is keno, he’s always played, but now its uncontrollable, this month we go to court for our SECOND bankruptcy, this past year I have realized yes…im an enabler. So to make a very long story short, because if you are reading this, you have got to know the desperation, anger, pain, hatred and guilt I’m feeling, and many more emotions. I have a wonderful mother in law who purchased a condo and I pay her, because I have no credit thanks to her son. so I finally left. we love each other and I want to stay married, BUT, I know I can not keep doing this, I want my life back, I’m sick of trying to change him. I need health insurance, and that’s pretty much what has kept me this long, but I have read somewhere that if I file for legal separation, I still get to stay on his health insurance, but financially I wont be responsible for any new debt he acquires. Does anyone know anything about legal separation and if what I read is true. I can not afford to get a lawyer to get legal advice. thank you, and thank god I found this site!!

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