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    The rock is heavy, to dense to budge.

    My resolve is stronger than the reapers nudge.

    Sleepwalking I trip on significant marks.

    Jouneying dangerously in the dark.

    Shivering cold,

    I’m getting old!

    I prayed for the sunlit path to appear

    A path that Ieads away from fear.

    This journey began when I fell

    freefalling in the fires of hell.

    When I started to scream there then was a song.

    Compassionate whispers I’d waited for long.

    Hand in hand with an angel I will not slip.

    There’s a rock in my path & I won’t trip.

    This rock is a trophy but it’s not a race.

    Day by day may new tears wash down my face.

    May I humbly accept; gifts have been bestowed.

    Holding onto the rope I will not let go.

    Miricles happen one day at a time.

    Addiction you see, is not a crime.

    We are perfectly divine as we are.

    Proudly we wear our battle scars

    & live on.

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