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      Due to my partner gambling the majority of his wages at the beginning of the month. I couldn’t afford to buy him a Xmas present. He gambled all his waged apart from £70. Anyway we were talking about Xmas etc and got onto the subject of presents. After me telling him I couldn’t afford to buy him anything, he gave me £100 and said have this towards the food!! I questioned were the money had come from!! He told me he had put a little bit away last month and some of the £70 he had left. He told me he was going to get me dome vouchers for Xmas with it, but as I told him I couldn’t afford to get him anything he didn’t want me to feel bad on Xmas morning if he had given me a present!!
      I keep questioning him about the money and have doubts but I know he didn’t have access to his bank as I have his bank cards. I keep thinking did he go to the casino with £20 that he had I’m his pocket, he told me he hasn’t!! He has told me before that he would no go to the casino with only a small amount of cash!!
      I know that he needs to earn my trust and he can see why I’m questioning him!!

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