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    Hello everyone.
    I was pleased to find this site while trying to seek guidance for myself about my husband’s gambling problems. I had known for quite awhile that things were just not right, but I couldn’t figure out what was going on. We never had money even though we both work full time jobs and get paid weekly. He was supposed to take care of the household bills and I was in charge of childcare expenses and groceries. I would inquire as to what we owed each month and my husband would sit down with me and write everything out so we could develop a budget. I didn’t realize he was not sticking to any of it. I found out that not only was every utility in our house about to be shut off, but he had pawned our son’d handheld game and misc. other objects around the house. He would have fake phone conversations pretending to pay bills or make appointments so he could be out of the house. I don’t know how I missed any of this. He was moody and defensive and I kept telling him I knew things were off and I knew he was lying to me about things. Now I have moved out of the house and into my in-laws with my 2 sons. I have their full support in dealing with things. My husband has agreed to hand over every paycheck to his mother so I can then pay back this massive debt and seek counseling. However, he goes from being cooperative to angry and defensive in a blink of an eye.I think he has a mood disorder in addition to his compulsive behavior. I have asked him to seek medical help as well. I just don’t know what else to do. My youngest son is only 3 and he has been having fits and just has not been himself. I know he feels the stress of what is going on. He sees daddy everyday, but he wants to go home. At this time I don’t know if I can ever go back. How do you remain hopeful when your world keeps crashing down? How do you explain these things to your children? I feel like I have to mother my spouse in addition to my children. Since I’ve left the house I’ve been by there and it was disgusting. He can’t seem to do anything that most adults do in their day to day life. I guess it has always been a problem. He just does not finish any tasks that he starts. Could this be a sign of other problems? How am I supposed to be calm and supportive when I just feel like shaking him?With beauty and grace.

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