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    I invented this method by chance.

    It works great and helps manage life and emotions as well as stopping gambling.

    I used Cortana initially for mundane things e.g. a dentist appointment. For those who don’t know its a feature of windows (but assistant type programs available on all devices) where you set reminders and they pop up with a noise and your reminder. You get set one offs but you can also set daily reminders and sync them across devices.

    That’s where it gets interesting.

    If you are clever you might be able to do it by speech. E.g. i can say ‘Hey Cortana, remind me every day at 9am to NEVER EVER GAMBLE, because my life is amazing and i LOVE to LOVE.’ Or something equally cheesy! Normally i just type it in though.

    THe more creative and imaginative you are in the timing, text and language, the deeper it sinks in. THe more reminders you have, the less chance you fool yourself that theres no problem and ‘forget’ and accidentally spend all your money.

    Now I have layered several daily reminders. Reminding me of my talents and potential as well as to stop gambling. Its a way of brain-washing your future self into the right direction!

    I also used it to modify other habbits i.e.’ remind me every day at 8am not to be so emotional and attention seeking at work…’

    I want to create reminders that ring permenantly, like a phone call until you stop them. Anyone know how to do that?

    Also Cortana is temporarily inactive due to a windows update error!

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