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      Hi everyone, I’ve always been honest with my partner and family well mostly, I’ve admitted I have a problem and I want to stop. I just don’t understand why I can’t and I just get an urge to do it, a go a few days after a big spend saying never again but then I get the urge and it starts with- £10 is ok.
      It all started when I was bored one day and saw an advertisement for bingo and decided to have a go, I won big and was hooked, there must be so many women in the same situation, it starts off on bingo sights then, well for me it turns to slots. It’s all great when I win but when I lose I find myself chasing my money back the more I spend the more I panic and higher the stakes hoping for a bigger win to cover my losses, a vicious circle. I’m an intelligent girl and can see it happening but I just can’t stop.
      At the minute I’m not getting into to debt my I fear I’m heading that way, thinking ‘shall I buy this £10 top?’ but thinking nothing of spending £50 in one go on slots, down the pan!
      I’ve blocked gambling from my laptop, bookies dont bother me, it’s my iPhone! There is no way to block gambling sites and I wish there was because its on here that I’m bored and find myself in a downward spiral from the moment I type
      In the site on safari. I’ve decided to come here and write when I’m bored about how I’m
      Feeling to try and stop so I can get rid of this dark cloud and start spending my money on holidays or something other that the bookies mortgage!

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      That is so true- a win will make you go back ( an waste it and probably spend more than you win) and a loss will also make you go back to chase what you’ve lost. Story of my life.

      I’ve still managed to fight the urge since I wrote my introduction a few days ago, which is good because it was becoming a daily habit. I was tempted today jut sat here watching tv thinking ‘ £10 won’t hurt’ that’s how it usually happens but instead I’ve come here to read through this again and all your advice which I’m grateful for and now i feel like I did a few days ago and want to steer clear from it.

      Thank you. I’ll be back with my progress. X

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